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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

She is def an AUDIOSLAVEEEEE Posted by Hello

Jonna..Natural!!!!!!!!!!!! But she's very tired and anyway...Isn't she cute :D Posted by Hello

Hello--->She's Jonna. What is she going to do?? Posted by Hello

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CoOl HaIr DaRlInG ! Posted by Hello

weird pic but i DO love it !! Posted by Hello

The most beautiful Jonna's pic...!! Posted by Hello


I would like to thanx the Nylon's website for all the informations about the girls and especially for all the photos they have, Kiitos.

Another Erin pic, cos she's really pretty on it Posted by Hello

Erin, Natural like i love her... Posted by Hello

Erin Koivisto

-_A lil' word on the cuty cute Erin_- Because it's Jonna's page but i must say some stuff 'bout our lovely Erin. She's a little sun, a little bee...She's always smiling and she's got (like Jonna) and incredible talent. Erin, if you can hear me: Please never let down your career !

Lil Jonna's Musical Story

..::Jonna Elina Kosonen::.. was born in Helsinki, 3rd September 1977 She was in the Nylon Beat with her friend Erin, A girl band from the 90' mixing electro-pop and good rythm. Their text are mostly about love but they can treat about anything...Kinda hard to know when you don't understand finnish! The Nylon dream stopped in 2003 and Jonna started a solo career with "Like believers do" and "Jos mä en sua saa", Pop/Rock sound and now she's in a band called The johnson.

Jonna--->Syyt�n Posted by Hello

Syytön Lyrics

<¤¤¤Syytön¤¤¤> Mua naapurit haukuu Kun yö on rauhaton Mut eihän mul oo koiraakaan Taloon seinissä paukuu Kun ovelleni on Taas joku tullut kuolaamaan Sä raukka sorruit rakkauteen Jo ensimmäiseen asteeseen Mä aiemin sua varoitin Oon melkein Syytön syytön syytön syytön En tahdo siihen vankillan Syytömän sydän kahlitaan Mä pidän sen mun vapauden Mä oonhan Syytön syytön syytön syytön Niin! Mulle poliisi näyttää Hei liiku hitaammiin Mut eihän mul oo autookaan Täytyy jalkoja käyttää Et pakoon pääsisin En halua sua saattamaan
My favorite Nylon's song--->The best ever !!!!

Jonna ja Erin, the Nylon Beat Posted by Hello

My opinion, gimme yours

****Jonna is my idol...**** I heard for the first time her lovely voice just last year...It was in june (2004 then); Don't you know i'm french and in France there isn't the Nylon's music cos of the language. They are known all around the world of course but their cds are not avelable in all countries. They did albums in english for Japan, and after that all their song are in finnish. What a pity...(That it was only for Japan!!! heh) The first song that i've heard was "Anna mulle". To be honnest i found it weird. But curiously i've listened to another Nylon's song...It was "Elämä on Lyhyt". A genius song. What is cool from the Nylon's is that their songs are so different one from each other! I mean it changes from instruments, rythms etc. It's not always the same and i must say that was a part that i loved the most from them. Sometimes you can't bear a singer because you are fed up with his/her songs who are always the same etc. Not with them. Take for exemple "Musta Joulu"..and compare it with "Ne selvytyy" Can you hear a difference? Of course! The first one is a cold, melo-dramatic song of winter (Don't mind, it's just MY opinion about it), and the second one is an africaan sound, that makes you wanna shake ;) All my speech to say that even if the Nylon Beat are not together anymore, Their music will stay in the heart of their fan forever, and for my part i'll continue to listen to their music that is a real lullaby to my ears...It guides my life at every moments... Love ya xxx

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jonna angel came from heaven Posted by Hello

Pieni Taivas Lyrics

('''`;:.°o0°Pieni Taivas°0o°.:;`''') Sä kortat aina esittää Vähän enemmän Mut mulle riittää kun sain ystävän Sun ei pidä valloittaa Vuorta korkeaa Kun mulle toimii Pieni taivas vaan Se riittää että kuuntelee Hiljaa, eikä muuta tee Me rakkaudesta pienimmästä Tehdään suurempaa Meidän kahden maailmaa Ei voi haavoittaa Meille riittä rakkaus Ja Pieni Taivas vaan Sä tahdot aina omistaa Vähän isompaa Vaan silti leikit vaatimattomaa Miksi koetat saavuttaa Jotain kauempaa Kun toisiamme vain me tarvitaan...
"The Pieni Taivas' song to begin my blog. Why this song? Because it's about heaven (Pieni Taivas= Little Heaven), And for me Jonna is a Divine Angel came from the sky to show the world her incredible beauty and her amazing voice. She's just magical, and she has built a Pieni Taivas in me..."

Jonna Posted by Hello

Mmmh !!

I am not pleased at all...!!!! Where's Jonna Kosonen's Official website???????? Her own one !!!!!!!!!!